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Types of shower screens

frameless shower screen

Frameless Shower Screen

Semi Frameless shower screen

Semi Frameless Shower Screen

Framed Shower Screen

glass shower screen

Glass Panel

Frameless Shower Screens

Classic and minimalist 

A frameless shower screen utilises glass all around the box or from end to end, with no aluminum frame. This gives a seamless look in your bathroom as if there is no shower screen installed.

The frameless shower screen saves space as it does away with the aluminum frame. It is secured by a few hinges. Because of this, they are custom-made to fit in any bathroom size.
Semi Frameless Shower Screens

Modern but Practical

This design mixes both frameless and full framed shower screen.
Only a certain part of the shower screen is framed with an aluminum casing. This is good for those who still prefer a good grip when opening or closing the door.

At the same time, semi framed shower screens offer more strength than frameless shower screens because it retains the aluminum frame.
Shower Screens

Sturdy and Classic

Fully framed shower screens are the most basic type of shower screen offered to homeowners. It can be installed easily.

This type also is the sturdiest type of shower screen. An aluminum frame is first installed around the floor and walls.

 The aluminum frame helps make the divisions of the shower screen more distinct.
Glass panels

Alternative shower screens

In Perth, these panels are used where a normal shower screen and door can not be used. 

For example, this will be used when you have a half-height wall and need a piece of glass to finish off the wall.

These panels can be frameless or framed and in most cases either work very nicley.

Shower Screens and doors Perth

Shower screens are an item in your house that can be updated to give your Bathroom a modern clean look. Nowadays, shower curtains are being replaced with shower screens for many reasons. In addition, replacing an old shower screen in Perth with a new one allows the installer to place a coating so it doesn’t get water stains as easily. This allows the Shower Screen to withstand Perth calcified water stains from daily use.

Shower screens offer leak proof protection in your bathroom. Waterproof curtains do the job of creating a barrier to keep most of your bathroom floor dry but not a hundred percent. At most, some water can still leak around the bottom or the sides of the shower curtain. As a solution, shower screens are now being offered to save people from mopping the bathroom floor after taking a bath.

The permanence of shower screens is also ideal to avoid the cleaning or constant replacement of shower curtains. Similar to windows or glass doors, you can clean shower screens easily.

Sliding Door Shower Screens

Practical and easy. If your goal is to have a permanent shower screen but is limited on space, opting for a sliding door is a good idea. The shower screen door works like a window to be pushed to the side if opened or closed. Since you only need to slide, you need not worry about placing items near the entrance of the shower screen since the door can just slide open. 

This type of shower screen only applies to fully framed and semi framed shower screen since the sliding mechanism on the floor has to be installed.

Pivot Door Shower Screen

Traditional and standard. This is the first design of shower screen doors. Works same as a door where you need to pull the handle to open. Pivot door shower screen applies to those who want to honor tradition or for those who are used to the traditional door. 

This type of door has worked since the time of our grandparents and it’s best to keep it that way too.Whether frameless or fully framed, the pivot screen door is an option.

Fixed Panel Screen

Affordable and minimalist. It works like a shower curtain only that the curtain is made out of glass screen. You can opt to have three glass screens to form a box with one side open. Or you can also attach the frame to adjoining walls with only one glass screen on the side.

This design saves you time from opening or closing the shower screen door since it does not even exist. Perfect for those who are always on a rush or for those who want ease of access inside the bathroom.

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